2 Electron Emula McFly Technology – Review

2 Electron Emula McFly – Image by EMULA

The Emula by 2 Electron took to track this July , and promises a different sensory feeling for electric motorcycles.

In a press release that came out July this year, 2 Electron presented their Emula- McFly technology. The technology itself offers triggers of all senses to give electric motorcycles (and maybe E-vehicles all together) a better and customized feeling on their ride.

2 Electron is an Italian company, with some history in auto-services. It’s a pivot of the previous ‘Zener Italia’ Automotive service providers. Zener offered a wide range of services, including specialized knowledge in automotive, engineering, applied research labs, technical support and more. This makes a great pivot in my eyes, as they can really bring their dream to life, which they seem to do.

2 Electron Emula McFly – Image by EMULA

Back to the Emula McFly by 2 Electron, this technology is designed to give EV manufacturers the edge on giving a better sensory feeling to riders. This can emulate a wide range of motorcycles, past and present, to give any ride a complementry sensory effect using gear emulation, sound and vibration that makes the motorcycle feel like… whatever you set it to feel like. You can have a gear simulated reaction, that matches the motorcycle’s power supply or regenerative breaking, and creates a sense that you are actually changing gears.

As shown in 2 Electron’s video and detailed releases, the McFly technology uses 3 different speaker positions, as well as bass shakers in another 3 points on the bike – all to give a realistic sound and vibration feeling. They utilize a hydraulic spring clutch, connected to a linear potentiometer that in combination with a gear shift lever gives a very realistic feedback to emulate gears. All of these are controlled by a command unit only 30x30mm board, that connects to it’s touch screen tablet dashboard.

2 Electron Emula McFly – Image by EMULA

A beautiful complete circle of senses for a complete ride experience. It’s a great potential product, and we hope adoption will occur soon with some of the great Italian models we have seen come out, we can definitely image a collaboration between Italian companies happen first, but would love to see the McFly technology on any bike.

Via: 2Electron

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