Lito Sora 2020 – Generation 2 Is Priced To The High-End Consumer. Is It Worth It?

LITO SORA Generation 2

The generation 2 Lito Sora superbike has a price tag that does not fit the average joe. What does it give back in return if you have the cash?

The Lito Sora is a high end motorcycle, no doubt about it. The price tag on it is one of the most discussed features of the motorcycle, and that makes sense given the $82,250 tag. It’s one of the more expensive options out there.

Let’s review the specification, and try to get a better understanding of the motorcycle, and what’s so special about it that justifies the price.

The Lito Sora Generation 2 has a permanent magnet 3phase AC motor, pushing 108 horse power and 90Nm torque (66 ft/lbs). That’s a huge 80kW motor which comes as a big boost up from the first-Gen Sora, that had a 42kW motor. The motor is liquid cooled, and its transmission is a CTV (Continuously variable transmission) with reverse gear.

Battery pack for the Sora Generation 2 is an 18kWh pack (max capacity) lithium ion, that can get a range of 180 miles (288 km). A charge will require about 5 hours, which is reasonable for this size of battery. Curb weight of the Sora is 550 lb (249kg) which is actually a decrease from it’s previous Generation 1.

Lito Sora Generation1

So, it seems that so far these are good specifications, but nothing to really justify the price tag, but that’s where Lito Sora Gen 2 comes in with it’s unique features to try and conquer your heart.

The bike has standards that are top notch, and it makes the high end feel a reality, it has detailed invested in its design and part all over. To start off, is stands on an aerospace-grade aluminum 6061-T6, there’s only one level I know of that supersedes that (7075). That line of investing is carried out to using great parts for breaks, Öhlins front and back on the fork and suspensions, and topping off with carbon fiber wheels.

It offers special features, like fully adjustable saddle electronically controlled, a 5.7 inch LCD touch screen dashboard, and finally – power selection options for the rider to decide whether he want’s to go for performance or normal mode. Their third driving mode is Safe, which allows the bike to recommend the riding mode according to your destination.

LITO SORA Generation 2

As we said, it does bring with it unique features and provides a high end, amazing looking speed bike. It may not fit anyone’s pocket, but for those who can afford it, it is a valid option.

2020 Lito Sora Generation 2 Specs


Type:Permanent magnet 3-phase AC
Maximum power:108 horsepower
Maximum torque:66 ft/lbs
Top speed:120 mph
Transmission: CVT w/ reverse


Type: Lithium-ion (5-year warranty)Maximum capacity: 18 kWh
AC charge time:5 hours
Maximum range: 180 miles


Frame: Aerospace-grade aluminum 6061-T6
Front suspension:Fully adjustable Öhlins 48mm inverted cartridge fork
Rear suspension: Fully adjustable cantilevered Ohlins shock
Wheels: Rotobox carbon fiber
Tires: Michelin Pilot Power 2CT
Front brake: 320mm discs w/ radially mounted Beringer 4-piston caliper
Rear brake: 230mm floating disc w/ dual-piston caliper

Via: LitoMotorcycles, Uncreate

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