Evoke Urban S & Evoke Urban Classic – Electric Motorcycle Review

Evoke Urban Classic – Image by Evoke

Evoke motorcycles provide an awesome alternative for a fast, strong, but very affordable bike. See what $8,000 will get you.

Evoke EV was founded in Taiwan, in 2013 by Nathan Siy who’s CEO. The company focuses on accelerating the EV evolution, and pushing for better technology in power trains and batteries. As written on their site “…We aim to be market leader in the transition from gas to electric propulsion and outclass gas vehicles with better performance, acceleration, range and recharge times.”… About Evoke.

The Evoke Urban Classic was their first model, using a hub motor, excellent power battery pack, and a great standard/ naked design. The Evoke Urban immediately took attention from electric motorcycle fans, also taking in mind it’s amazing price tag of only $7,999. It was soon to become a great selling piece, and had a second model release of the Urban S model, which took on the same technical specification while having a design that’s more fitting to sportbikes. They both look great, and keep traditional design concepts.

Technical was not spared on the Evoke Urban – using a hub motor, which does have its benefits of hear dissipation, which subsequently effects range and performance stability over a longer duration. The motor generates 19kw peak power, and battery has a nominal power of 7.6kw that peaks at 8.4. That can last a ride range of 125 miles (200km) which is awesome. It still gives great power and torque, pushing 0-60 in 3 seconds, and nominal torque of 116.6Nm.

The Evoke Urban stands at a curb weight of 394 lbs. (179kg). The charging time is about 3 hours using standard sockets and the on-board chargers. That’s great when combined with the range it gives. An excellent city machine, that can still last for longer hauls.

Evoke Urban Classic – Image by Evoke

Design features for the Urban Classic and Urban-S mainly differ at the handle bar area. The Urban S has a more speed bike typical headlight, with similar sportive mirror positions, while the Classic has a round headlight, and goes for a more classic look. Both of them still look mean, with geometric lines going across from the simulated gas tag appearance, continued throughout the fairings on the bike.

This is a really great looking, affordable machine. Evoke stuck to simplicity but uses the best possible parts for their bikes. That combination brings beauty in design, performance, and a price that makes it very competitive.

Evoke Urban S – Image by Evoke

Via: Evoke

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