Tacita T-Cruise Turismo – Electric Motorcycle Review.

T-Cruise Turismo – Image by Tacita

Tacita Motorcycles in Italy keep showing great quality and design. And their T-cruise is both elegant and strong.

Tacita of Italy have produced electric motorcycles since 2012, back when the first launched the T-race rally. It was founded by Pierpaolo Rigo and Dina Ollino with the idea of making the best possible electric racing motorcycle. They have, since then, focused on advancing in engineering and producing all electric motorcycles with a real Italian touch and quality to them.

When looking at the T-cruise Turismo, it is clear their design is unique. A bagger with custom bike design that stays true to ICE Motorcycles, but immediately stands out as not being one. The motor, wiring and battery position make it clear this is an all electric ride.

T-Cruise Turismo – Image by Tacita

Tacita created their own five phase gearbox, which is unusual for electric motorcycles. As it was described by Pierpaolo, they created a unique gearbox that has better ratios, which allows increased torque with decreased inrush currents. And that’s the expected physics, as with more gears, better ratios for shifting, it would decrease inrush current without causing torque to reduce.

There’s much to be said on the design given to the Tacita T-cruise Turismo. It’s back to front, meticulously packed into a cruiser. The chassis are exposed and show off the battery pack sealed in. Exposed three wires going down the side give a great addition, and at the motor and chain side, an exposed look completes the designs very well. The leather side bags are a great choice, which compliments the bike it’s meant to be.

T-Cruise Turismo – Image by Tacita

Performance will depend on the selection of battery pack, starting with 9 to 18 to 27kWh. With that battery pack suited on a 44kw motor, capable of 59 horse power, Tacita measured a range of 200 miles (322km) with one charge. As we have seen from Tacita in previous models, they allow a great selection in model, so you can customize to your need.

You can select both battery and power train power to make your T-cruise right for you. Combined with the selection of 9/18/27kWh battery. The power train models goes as followed – T15- 11kw motor (14.7hp), T30- 27kw (36.2), T45 – 34kw (45.6hp) and T65 – 44kw we discussed that has 59 hp. That’s a range of 60Nm – 100Nm of torque, which gives the rides real option for customizing the bike parts he needs for both battery and drive.

T-Cruise Turismo Power Train option chart – Image by Tacita

The T-Cruise gives a great option, with everything from range, to power, to customization. Price ranges from €12.690 to €26.286 which again – opens the option for a wider range of riders. Tacita T-cruise Turismo is another great model from the Italian production line, and we can’t wait to see more.

Via: Tacita

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