Scorpio Electric Singapore Launch the X1 for Pre-order.

Singapore based Scorpio Electric launch Pre-orders on their first model, the X1 electric maxi scooter.

Singapore based EV brand Scorpio Electric unveiled the X1 model prototype in the beginning of the year, when it was simply named X. The company now begins to take pre-orders on their website for the first model, named X1.

The X1 is meant to be the first to pave the way for more prototypes and series production of Singapore’s fully built ‘electric motorcycle’ – or maxi electric scooter.

The company started with a $6.3m fundraising, and investing into R&D to develop an electric motorcycle. Behind the electric motorcycle brand Scorpio Electric is EuroSports Technologies – a subsidiary of luxury car distributor EuroSports Global (Stock:5G1, SGX). The company now fully launches pre-orders on its electric two-wheelers in Singapore.

Unique and not seen, the X1 is the most powerful star in the Scorpio constellation. Category defining, the X1 paves the way for smart riding and pioneers the unseen future.

Hitting on all their performance targets, the Scorpio X1 reaches a top speed or 105km/h, powered by a 10kW motor (peak power) that pushes 0-50 km/h in 4.2 secs. With a battery pack of 4.8kWh (72V 73Ah), it has a projected range of 200km. Recharging time will take just 2.5 hours to 90% charge.

The mid-mounted motor, fitted onto the rear single-swingarm with distinct visibility, adds to the slick design, and from wheels, to seat and lights – the X1 has a great aerodynamic look.

A fresh and dynamic interpretation of an urban electric motorcycle, the X1 is ergonomically designed to conquer any city adventure. Aerodynamic & sleek Unique headlight and taillight design Single swing arm

With pre-orders starting at $1000 USD, and a total price of $9,850, the X1 comes at an affordable price, and carries many features and connected technologies.

For the first time, just last year, a regulation by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) in Singapore began allowing electric motorcycles with 10kW power or greater to be ridden on Singapore roads, and motorcycles with a top speed of at least 50km/h were allowed on expressways.

EuroSport Technologies, has previously announced a distributer agreement with Strides Transportation, a subsidiary of public transport operator SMRT, to develop, market and supply smart electric motorcycles. This will position Scorpio Electric to enjoy a strong demand in a market that lags behind in adoption of electric 2-wheelers.

Watch the official launch by Scorpio Electric:

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    1. The Scorpio X1 Motor is 10kW – equivalent to 125cc class scooters.
      As far as the company published, this is the only variant available right now.

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