EMX-PRO Heavy Sand Track Test – The MX Supported By Yamaha Motor Europe and Developed by Dohms Projecten B.V and ELEO.

EMX Powertrain and ELEO, supported by Yamaha Motor Europe, continue testing for the MX, as the EMX PRO goes on heavy sand track test.

Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. and the Royal Dutch Motorcycle Association for Motorcycling (KNMV) supported the development of the EMX PRO dirt bike. EMX continues to test their all electric dirt bike on heavy sand track.

After the first round of testing, where the bike first met the dirt track, and performed excellent, and with a mission to continue rigorous testing, the company recently launched another video of their heavy sand track test.

The bike will carry equal power to that of a 4-stroke 250cc motorcycle. Watch the video closely. You’ll see that this electric dirt bike handles exceptionally well, that it corners easily, and that it gets a good grip for powering out of corners.

Despite the quietness of the electric motor, this bike sounds great and looks like an exciting ride – as expected from a dirt bike.

Starting from scratch, the companies started working on the EMX machine in March of last year. The entire technology was developed in a very short period of time without reference to anything but the chassis of the Yamaha YZ250F. High flying jumps, sharp corners, and fast straights are all part of the requirements.

EMX PRO Heavy Sand Track Test

The electric dirt bike performs well on different track conditions.  With familiar handling character of its petrol predecessor the EMX-PRO feels stable and controllable in fast jumps and corners. Using the mapping switch, the desired engine characteristic can be selected for different track conditions.

EMX Powertrain

Within a year, the Yamaha chassis has been converted to electric. This MX bike comes with all the features of an electric motorcycle, but with the design and appearance of MX bikes. The midmounted motor and battery that replace the ICE are fitted into the bike beautifully and give it a great traditional look.

Although no official specs were released, we expect the electric motor power to be around 38HP, making it comparable to the 250cc 4-stroke YZF.

 As we speak improvements are being developed and implemented. EMX Powertrain is committed to continuing to push the boundaries of its electric powertrain and battery.

EMX Powertrain
EMX PRO Heavy Sand Track Test

Dohm Projecten Will Continue to develop
The EMX-PRO is expected to continue testing and development as the bike undergoes hours of testing in the months to come. The team plans to improve competitiveness and implement improvements based on feedback from test riders.

Battery Technology by ELEO
ELEO, the battery partners for the project, developed a special fitted pack for the EMX frame of the Yamaha YZ250F. Despite that, their technology for electric powertrain is meant for more universal use. Their offering include capacities estimated at ~260Wh/kg. With packs of 4.9kWh and 3.02kWh, weighing 27.7kg and 16.9kg respectively.

Source: EMX Powertrain

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