Kuberg Ranger – explosive 50-mph electric dirt scooter

Kuberg Ranger bring the best of Trail Bikes, with a Scooter Standing Platform, for off-road fun and.

The Kuberg Ranger opens a new category with a cross-over between trail bike and scooter. With a pneumatic reclining seat, roomy foot boards, mixed-size tires, great suspension and a 14kW motor, the Kuberg Ranger creates a middle ground category with a combination of the best of both worlds – dirt bike and scooter.

Riders can blast through dirt trails at speeds up to 50 mph. The reclining-retracting seat allows the rider to choose his riding position between sitting and standing, with a comfy foot board platform. It’s also accompanied by a customizable trailer with quick-connect option to carry you gear and tools or just picnic groceries down the trails for work or play.

A Czech manufacturer, Kuberg, offers a full lineup of lightweight electric dirt bikes and minibikes for adults and kids, including the Freerider. There are currently no pedals on existing models, which are configured with traditional seats, mid-mounted chain drives, and full throttle power. The Ranger is a new breed of adrenaline machine, an electric all-terrain machine that is part dirt bike, part stand-up scooter.

Kuberg has significantly reduced the center of gravity, which makes the Ranger a light, easy to maneuver 110-lb (50-kg) bike. The 24-Ah 48V lithium-ion battery pack is positioned lower in the tubular frame, just next to Kuberg’s in-house developed motor. Yes, that’s right. The company creates its own motors, making a motor that is specifically designed for the power and torque of their bikes.

The lower center of gravity makes the ranger suitable for a wide range of rider skill levels. From Novice riders to more experienced dirt bikers, both can immediately unleash the power and torque needed for kicking up dirt on trails, maneuvering through turns and taking off to the air on jumps. The ranger utilizes a Manitou Dorado Expert 180mm fork up front and DNM Burner RCP-3 rear shock that can absorb shocks with ease, providing riders comfort on the roughest trails.

The Ranger’s pneumatic seat drops away below the frame tubes and pops back up at the push of a button on the handlebar. Giving riders the option to stand on the foot-boards for visibility, or sit back for longer stretches of trail rides.

The Ranger gets to a top speed of 50 mph (80 km/h) and carries a riding range of about 19 miles (30 km) at full speeds. Since it tops at 50mph, you can imagine that most riders will be twisting the throttle to max for the majority of time, but when you need to cover more distant you can easily go down to 15-mph (24-km/h) with Eco mode and get a range of up to 60 miles (97 km). Kuberg also offers a 48-Ah Dual battery option that will double those range figures.

The 19 x 2.75-inch front tire and the 14 x 3-inch rear tire are spread over a 50.4-inch (128-cm) wheelbase for a mix of tire sizes. Four-piston Tektro Orion disc brakes stop the bike, and a push-button regenerative braking system recharges the battery.

The Ranger has a carrying capacity for riders up to 220 lb (100 kg) and in addition, it can tow up to 66 lb (30 kg). Kuberg offers a customizable utility trailer with a matching style to the Ranger, To take advantage of that latter towing capacity. The trailer serves as a storage and towing unit for tools, hunting equipment, camping equipment, tailgate supplies, and whatever else might need to be hauled with a full electric scooter.  

Kuberg has turned to Indiegogo to generate interest and begin serial production. Starting at US$4,545 to secure the full 14-kW Ranger “race” described above, while a $4,995 pledge tacks on the trailer. You can also go for a lower price point by going with the 8-kW variant, which starts at $3,998. The double battery option can be separately added for an additional $999.

Source: Kuberg

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