Kollter ES1-S Pro And ES1-X Pro Motorcycle – Electric Motorcycle Review

Kollter ES1- Off Road Pro – Image by Kollter

Kollter ES1 Pro models are On and Off road motorcycles with speed and power for L3E licensed riders.

Kollter ES1-S Pro and ES1-X Pro are two of the same but different. These motorcycle variations for Onroad and offroad, are interesting with power, battery force and as expected from Chinese made motorcycle – they are competitive with pricing. With about $5,890 you can get these powerful chain drive, 11kW peak motor, with a range of up to 80 miles (130km).

Kollter is basically named ‘Jiangsu KEYROAD Transportation technology co., ltd.’ and it was established in Changzhou China in 2017. This company has interesting models, and the distribution of Kollter ES-1 Pro is already available across Canada, US, Chile, Nigeria, South Africa, Thailand, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Hungary, Sweden and more.

“Focusing on smart travel, the company explores the realization of new value products in the field of mobile tools, and is committed to providing efficient and multi-dimensional solutions for urban travel, so that more people can enjoy the fun of travel!” Kollter.com

Via: Kollter

Let’s go over the specification of these two motorcycles, as both ES1-S Pro And ES1-X Pro are the same except for wheel and rim types that would obviously be matched to either the offroad or the onroad model. They carry very similar specs, both using a motor with continuous 5kW and peak power of 11kW, pushing impressive torque of 220Nm. That brings the Kollter ES-1 to a top speed of 59mph (96kmh).

They both are fitted with a battery pack of 72V 31Ah, which is about 2.23kWh and an optional double battery pack for increased range. These stats are specifically interesting as the range of the Kollter ES1 running on 2 batteries – is 43miles @60mph (70km @100kmh) or a full 80 miles or range @28mph (130km @45kmh).

Suspension for the Kollter ES-1 is an inverted hydraulic shock absorber adjustable rebound damping on front, and rear spring preload. Double cylinder piston callipers on front breaks and single cylinder piston calliper on the rear break. It’s ready to take on the road, with steady handling, a wheelbase of 2080mm, and a good 320mm of ground clearance. The Kollter E-Cross ES-1 comes in with a great price of $5890 which is quite competitive within the bracket.

Via: Kollter

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