OX Motorcycles Reveal DUK, KEA and KOTOY, The Latest Line-Up For OX-MOB

The Spanish OX motorcycles, makers of the OX One, will also continue to import and distribute DUK, KEA and KOTOY models with OX-MOB brand.

OX motorcycles, manufacturers of the OX One, will also continue to import and distribute Chinese made models under their brand name. The OX DUK, a light and powerful enduro electric, a redesign of the Caofen F80 together with OX, to be distributed in Europe. In addition, OX-MOB will offer 2 electric scooters.

The Spanish startup continues growing and presents its new line of urban  mobility, OX MOB, a funny, young and diverse brand inspired in its “Fuck Boring  Motorcycles” concept (relax, it’s a cool tagline). It purposely done to laugh at the more serious and sober side of  eco-mobility, giving aspiration and soul to each of the new products in their line-up.

“OX MOB seeks to refresh the current offer of urban electric vehicles. The  market is growing and although our pipeline did not contemplate introducing  more vehicles until 2024, we believe that it is the ideal time to do so.”

Adrián  González, CEO at OX.


the OX DUK is an off-road soul, ready for the city, with  a motor power of 8kW and weighing only 80kg for an extremely  fun ride. It reaches a top speed of up to 52mph (85km/h) and achieves up to  100km of range. It is available in L1e or L3e versions starting at €6,090.

The DUK is styled and designed for enduro and off-road riding, but can easily take on city roads. This electric off-roader combines a rigid, one-piece frame with a large, 2.3kWh (70V 30 Ah) Li-ion battery packed in magnesium casing.

The company will import and distribute different Chinese models under their brand name. This comes after the company announced in July 2021, that they will localize their production of the OX One motorcycle, due to constraint brought on with the pandemic.

It has been a full year since we first reported the OX One motorcycle back in May of 2021. Since then, and with issues that most manufacturers experienced due to the pandemic, supply chain disruptions and China lock-downs, the serial production of the OX One retro café racer electric motorcycle in the QuaZZar Technology Centre, in Madrid.


Next in the line-up is the OX KEA, is an electric scooter manufactured in Spain  together with TORROT, a reference in the electric market. It is available with  two motor options, L1e equivalent to a moped (2.6kW and 45 km/h top speed), or the L3e equivalent to 125cc (3kW and 70 km/h top speed). Both models with a range of up to 60 miles (100km), thanks to their dual (removeable) battery. 

It has a belt transmission, 16” wheels, disc brakes, storage space under the seat with capacity for a helmet, a customizable digital display and mobile phone connectivity. The KEA is available from €4,000. 


Latly, the OX KOTOY, an agile, comfortable and with an exclusive design. Made for moving around the city with ease. A seat for two and with space for a  full-face helmet under the seat, it reaches a speed of up to 70km/h and can be  purchased with single or dual batteries (55kms range each).

KOTOY goes into the smallest details, integrating a glove box with a USB socket, a customizable  display, disc brakes and top box option (coming soon). Available in a moped and scooter  version, and starting at a price of €3,490.

OX KEA is available to be delivered in just 30 days from now. While OX KOTOY and OX DUK will be delivered starting October. Despite deliveries will be available only in October, test rides for all the new OX models will start as soon as June.

Source: OX Motorcycles, OX YT

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