Ovaobike will soon come to United-Kingdom, 6 Models Lined-Up!

Ovaobike will expand to United-Kingdom, offering the Mini-City-Racer series, along with 3 new models.

Ovaobike will soon come to United-Kingdom, offering their full line up of electric MCR (Mini-City-Racers) series and the additional 3 new models that were unveiled during EICMA 2021 – the CR-21, CTX and MXR.

An e-motorcycle brand of the Taiwanese vehicle manufacturer, Ottobike, Ovaobike held its international debut at EICMA 2021. The company now offers a 6 model line up, and will start offering its electric motorcycles in the British market. 

The MCR series offers three types of 14in wheeled fun bikes that are available, with sizes ranging from 125-300cc – the MCR-H, MCR-M, and MCR-S. MCR stands for ‘Mini City Racer’. The company will offer the MCR  MCR series, with either a Hub or mid-mounted motor. Equipped with either a 9.1kW hub motor on the MCR-H, to the MCR-M and MCR-S which both have the mid-mounted 17kW (and up to 21kW peak for the MCR-S) and 11kW nominal power motor. 

Ovaobike United-Kingdom

A top speed of 62 mph and up to 80 mph (105km/h  to 130km/h), combined with a battery pack of 4.8kWh for the Hub motor model, and a dual pack of 134 Ah / 9.6 kWh for the M or S models, with mid-mounted motors. The H being the base model is set to cost £9250. The mid-range M and top-spec S, meanwhile,  are priced at £12,550 and £13,500 respectively. In addition, they include switchable modes, LCD dashes, quality detailing, Brembo brakes, and a turbo button that boosts power by 10% when the battery is over 50%.

The MCR series will be offered in addition to three more models that will be hitting the UK market. These three were just prototypes presented last year in EICMA 2021, and now will be launched in the UK. The redefined MXR is an off-road contender that comes with a unique character and style. This light 110-kg bike, packs great performance and acceleration with 32Nm peak torque and 100 km/h (62 mph) top speed.

For more urban riders, Ovaobike presented their concept e-scooter, CT-X. This city machine has great aesthetics and colors, and features dual led headlights, a stylish TFT display, storage space for one helmet, and great performance for city speeds.

The motor peak power of 15kW gets strong acceleration, and the CT-X definitely has a catching design. Sportive and sharp, it highlights the motor and suspension position as well as parts of the colored chassis.

Ovaobike’s designed a stylish representation of the vintage motorcycle, in the form of a new e-café racer model: The CR-21. In line with the idea of modernizing the design and finally bringing it into the twenty-first century, Ovaobike presents a perfect balance between the past and the future, a new icon of style with high-quality materials and finest assembly.

This electric naked motorcycle runs a mid-mounted 11kW motor with 300cc like performance, so we can expect the CR-21 to carry performance similar to that of the preceding MCR-S with peak power of 21kW. Although the company did provide full specifications, we estimate a top speed of around 150km/h (92 mph) and a battery pack north of 9kWh to be fitted to performance.

The design and style takes to the most traditional lines, the design style brings out the chassis and exposes the rear suspension, giving it a great racer look. The large front LED lights leather seat and seat bags and faux tank all form a completely new perspective of future-old. The CR-21 completes the product lineup for Years 22/23 as Ovaobike attempts to further explore the e-tenets of off-road, urban and vintage models.

In Devon, Ian Johnson and his partner Christine have launched the Rainbow Electric Motorbike Company to bring these bikes to the UK. The two were looking for a new opportunity after Covid closed their caravan business. Ian is a big Ducati fan. In addition, Ashburton will be selling bikes out of a new showroom near Newton Abbot.

Source: Ovaobike, MCN

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