Gogoro To Launch In Israel This Summer

Gogoro Israel

Metro Motor, Paz Group and Gogoro Partner To Launch Battery Swapping Ecosystem in Tel Aviv Metro Area and Other Cities In the Future

Gogoro (Nasdaq: GGR), continues to expand, hitting milestone after important milestone, the latest of which is a new partnership with industry leaders, Metro Motor and Paz Group in Israel to launch its battery swapping platform and Smart scooters in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area this summer and other cities in Israel in the future.

Gogoro has achieved important milestones in 2021 and 2022 that we’ve covered throughout the year, with strategic partnerships established to expand in China, India, and Indonesia. These 3 countries represent the world’s top three 2-wheel markets, with a combined potential market of over 500 million vehicles. Today, Gogoro manages more than 350,000 battery swaps per day and since 2015 has exceeded 275 million battery swaps.

Gogoro has been making headline over headline, starting early this year when the company announced a partnership with Yamaha for the EMF launched in Taiwan this March, based on a collaboration on their battery swapping systems.

Shortly after, Gogoro announced their milestone 1 millionth battery produced, and made an important breakthrough with the production of the first solid state battery prototype, estimated to increase capacity by 140%. The company went public on NYSE this April, and continues to cooperate and expand internationally.

Metro Motor is a top two-wheel vehicle distributor in Israel, and has been a leader in two-wheeled vehicles, SUVs, work, leisure, and personal transportation. Paz Group is a leading gas and energy corporation in Israel, and has been a publicly traded company (PZOL.TA) since 2006.

“We are excited to be launching in Israel, one of the most innovative and technology forward countries in the world to establish a new era of urban two-wheel mobility. We are partnering with two industry leaders Metro Motor and Paz, to bring Gogoro’s next generation battery swapping ecosystem to the Tel Aviv metro area this summer and additional cities in the future,”

Horace Luke, founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Gogoro.

The announcement was met with great enthusiasm on the Israeli side as well, with strong and positive feelings from both Metro Motors and Paz Group.

“We are proud to announce our collaboration with Gogoro and excited to begin marketing their innovative Smartscooters in Israel. The introduction of Gogoro into the Israeli market is excellent news for two-wheeler enthusiasts and is likely to be a significant growth engine for the company, ever deepening its presence in the electric two-wheeler market,” “This new collaboration aligns with Metro Motor’s vision of constantly updating the standards by which they operate, maintaining the status as an industry-leader. We provide the public optimization of user experience, fashion, environmental protection, and affective economic package.”

Gadi Aviram, the chairman of the board of Metro Motor.

“Paz is proud to bring to Israel the amazing Gogoro Smartscooters – an innovative transportation solution tailored to the Israeli lifestyle,”

“Paz will lead the “battery swapping” platform for the scooters as part of the company’s electric vehicle charging department, and will offer dedicated services to users at our stations and through our app.”

Nir Stern, CEO of Paz.
Gogoro Israel

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