Arcimoto – The Fun Utility Vehicle or FUV, Just Turned From Car To A Slignshot Trike – the Roadster FUV.

Arcimoto produces the FUV, Fun utility vehicle, which was so far a car like electric vehicle. This car just turned to a slingshot trike.

Arcimoto Roadster

Arcimoto reveal their Roadster FUV, showing a simple ‘chop off’ version of the original FUV, this open top looks like great fun indeed.

With the same specs as the standard encased FUV, the Arcimoto Roadster is expected to reach a top speed of 75mph, a driving range of 102 miles (66 miles @ 55 mph, and 32 miles @ 70mph) Arcimoto is aiming at capturing a market of EV enthusiast that may want to feel a more sporty ride while using their FUV.

Arcimoto Roadster

Arcimoto is an American, Oregon-based factory, which was moulded by the need itself for a different vehicle, from the founder and CEO of Arcimoto – Mark Frohnmayer. Mark describes the vacuum he found in the space of mid-range city vehicles over an interview on Tesla Daily YT. Ones that were compact, comfy and still with the safety benefits of cars. Check out the full interview if you want to hear more.

The Arcimoto team comments:

Every Arcimoto product starts with a vision, teamwork, and a prototype. Built on our patented three-wheel all-electric platform, the ROADSTER Prototype delivers a driving experience like no other. With an incredibly low and forward center of gravity, twin-motor front-wheel drive, instant torque, and a fully-connected seating stance, it really is the Ultimate Fun Machine.


Arcimoto and their FUV are great news for the 4 wheeler space, not due to their four wheels but rather since they lack one. Still the FUV, their Fun Utility Vehicle, comes with an enclosing frame, making it a vehicle that leans more towards a car. Nonetheless, it looks like a great fun vehicle, and has quite interesting specs to offer.

The first vehicles will be available at a price of $19,900 which we will leave you to judge on, as this vehicle is unique, so any comparison here would likely not have much relevance.

Via: Arcimoto

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