TRINITY Launches the PANTHERA: E-Enduro Motorcycle with a 4-speed Gearbox

The TRINITY PANTHERA is a powerful E-Enduro with 4-speed Gearbox and  784Nm of torque to tear of trails.

TRINITY, a German based manufacturer of electric motorcycles, has recently launched a new electric enduro motorcycle called the PANTHERA, featuring a 4-speed gearbox transmission. Unlike most electric motorcycles on the market, the PANTHERA has four gears that are specially designed for the electric drive. This feature allows the PANTHERA to achieve “never-before-seen peak torque values” as the company claims, making it one of the fastest electric enduro motorcycles in the space right now.

The PANTHERA’s performance is comparable to many 450cc enduro motorcycles, with 784Nm of torque generated from its electric motor and gearbox. However, the bike’s power is already available in the lower rpm range, which makes it much easier to control using the throttle grip. Riders can still control the power at the rear wheel using the clutch, but it is not necessary. Additionally, the clutch and rear brake are in the usual places, making it easier for motorcyclists to get used to the switch from ICE bikes to an Electric bike from the very first ride.

The PANTHERA is equipped with a 72V/40Ah, 72V/50Ah, or 72V/60Ah battery that can be quickly accessed and changed in about a minute or two without tools. With the 60Ah battery, the PANTHERA can offer 2.5-3 hours of driving time under off-road conditions. The 15A charger can charge the PANTHERA from 0% to 100% in approximately three hours, while 20% to 80% only takes 1.5 hours.

The PANTHERA’s dimensions are similar to those of a typical 250cc enduro motorcycle. The frame is a combination of aluminum and steel, while the swingarm is made of aluminum, making this dirt-bike lightweight and yet designed for maximum stress. The entire suspension can be adjusted individually, making the PANTHERA incredibly maneuverable and fun to ride.

The PANTHERA’s drivetrain, including the battery and transmission, is designed for extreme conditions, making it possible for the motorcycle to cross water without any issues. Additionally, the PANTHERA is practically maintenance-free, requiring only a fraction of maintenance compared to conventional enduro motorcycles. This results in significant savings in time, nerves, and cash.

The PANTHERA’s unique features make it an excellent investment for motorcycle enthusiasts looking for a high-performance electric enduro motorcycle. It is available for delivery from May onwards and can be ordered from TRINITY and all TRINITY dealers. The PANTHERA is offered from €6,849, and the first 100 buyers will receive a discount of 500€, so it pays to be quick. For more information about the PANTHERA, please visit the TRINITY website.

Source: Trinity

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