Swedish Motorcycle Manufacturer RGNT Aims to Set World Speed Record on Ice with Electric Bike Project Aurora

RGNT Aurora

RGNT Motorcycles aims to break World Speed Record on Ice for EV-motorcycles with project Aurora

Swedish motorcycle manufacturer RGNT is aiming to beat the World Speed Record on Ice for EV-motorcycles with its project Aurora. The company, which was founded in 2019 and specializes in electric motorcycles, will race a modified RGNT No. 1 Classic SE on the weekend of 24/25 February during the SMA Svenska Motorsport Alliansen sanctioned and licensed Speed Weekend in Årsunda, Sweden.

Currently, the world speed record on ice for electric motorcycles is held by Mark “Rocket” Bjorklund of the United States, who set the record at 213.68 km/h (132.48 mph) in March 2015.

The Aurora project was initiated by a small group of RGNT employees who wanted to create a bike that not only performed well, but also looked great. As the project grew in size and ambition, the entire company got involved. From design to R&D, production, engineering, and marketing, setting the World Speed Record on Ice is now a joint effort of the entire 40-employee company, supported by sponsors and partners like Hedon helmets, Petrol Industries, Etteplan, Qt Group, NIRA Dynamics, Sigma, Jjuan brake systems, and HERE Technologies.

The motorcycle that will be used for the record attempt is an A1-certified RGNT No. 1 Classic SE production model that has been modified by the engineering team to maximize power output. The software and power output of the drivetrain has been unlocked, resulting in a thoroughbred EV racer with a peak power of close to 30 kW (standard 21 kW). Additionally, the battery has been modified to improve its performance. The bike has a full aerodynamic lightweight fairing designed and built in-house, with an HMI race screen. The race-ready bike will weigh just under 160 kg and will roll on spike-studded tires.

RGNT Aurora

The team will also race a fully standard RGNT No. 1 Scrambler SE production model, to set records for stock electric, and stock A1 electric motorcycles.

While the team aims to break the current electric motorcycle speed record on ice, the event promises to be action-packed regardless of the outcome. RGNT will host a team area where everyone is welcome to enjoy some fika and get a good look at the beautiful electric racer the team has built. Friends, family, and enthusiasts are all invited to join the action, and if you can’t make it to Årsunda, you can follow the team’s achievements on the RGNT social channels.

Source: RGNT Motorcycles

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