STILRIDE Raises $3m+ To Make the SUS1 E-scooter Using ‘Industrial Origami’ Robot Tech


Swedish Startup STILRIDE, wants to make their SUS1 e-scooter Using ‘Industrial Origami’ robot-tech, closed seed funding round of $3m+.

Swedish startup STILRIDE has raised £3m ($3.8 million) to produce the SUS1, and a line of sustainable electric motorcycles and scooters based on an innovative manufacturing process named ‘industrial origami’. 

In the pioneering manufacturing method, single sheets of recyclable steel are folded into intricate, lightweight, and durable new structures by robots. This highly reduces the environmental impact of production.

STILRIDE will use this process to build the chassis for a fleet of next-generation e-motorcycles scheduled to go on sale in Europe later this year. The company closed off the seed investment round to kick it off.

This £2.5m ($3m USA) seed round for STILRIDE was led by angels and private investors that include Gustaf Hagman, , Sam Bonnier, Saeid Esmaeilzadeh, and Andreas Adler. The startup will use the funding to launch its first product, the Sport Utility Scooter One (SUS1).

Like origami, stainless steel sheets are folded over curves on the SUS1, unlike a traditional scooter, or even the non-traditional Electric-scooter, both of which normally uses a tubular frame with a plastic body. This method not only creates durable bodies and distinctive aesthetics, but it also reduces labor costs and raw material consumption.

The SUS1 is expected to carry an 11kW hub motor, equal to a 125cc motor. Running on a 48v battery (full specs not provided) this scooter is expected to have autonomy of over 75 miles (120Km) at cruising speed, and reach a top speed of over 60mph (100+ km/h).

The company claims that compared to a traditional scooter, the STILRIDE SUS1 will require 70% less components, and results in 25% reduction in labor costs and 20% reduction in material costs.

STILRIDE’s STILFOLD technology will have its first application on e-motorcycles. Cargo bikes and trailers will be added to the company’s product line using this technique.

STILRIDE electric scooter

The company is looking for ways to make the product low in carbon footprint by packing the steel sheets flat and shipping them to European factories where they will be folded and fitted with a hub motor and battery pack.

Source: STILRIDE, Harlem World Magazine

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