Soriano Motori – GIAGUARO V1S, V1R, V1 GARA. An Electric Trio Line Up.

Soriano V1 Gara
Soriano V1 Gara – Image by Soriano Motori

Soriano Motori was once a Spanish brand, now remade into an Italian made, US owned – and all electric motorcycle lineup.

Soriano founder, Ricardo Soriano Hermensdorff von Scholtz, first started making motorcycles in Spain of the 1940. Today, the brand is owned by US Marc Soriano, that revived the brand and set goal to produce in Italy.

The line up is a variation on what we can consider – the V1 model. The models are quite similar, all with a battery pack option of 15-20 kWh. That sound moderate for a speedbike, but ranges are claimed to run from 75-100 miles (120-160 km). The flagship model, their V1-GARA runs from 0-60 mph at just 3.5 seconds, while the V1S & V1R do that in 4.4 seconds.

But get this, performance and speedbike design is not where this ends, as Soriano V1 models all have a 3-ratio gearbox. Yes indeed, a gearbox and clutch for an all electric motorcycle. That really makes it a special one, as the only known electric motorcycle having a gearbox that we we’re familiar with, is Kawasaki who reportedly plan a manual gear as well.

The Soriano V1R, V1S and V1 Gara can only be pre-ordered currently and will cost around $30,000 (V1R). While the top configuration of V1 Gara should come in at $38,000.

Via: Soriano Motori

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