SMOOT unveils new smart scooter concept with swappable-battery innovation

Smoot motor Indonesia offers a smart scooter concept with swappable-battery technology.

Smoot Motor Indonesia (SMI) has launched their smart electric scooter named SMOOT. The Indonesian-made electric motorcycle utilizes proprietary battery-swapping technology invented by PT Swap Energi Indonesia.

With over 112 million motorcycles in use, Indonesia is the 3rd largest motorcycle market in the world. Which also means Indonesia’s economy depends on the every day use of motorcycles to support the mobility of daily life. Smoot Motor now plans to support this need with emission free electric scooters, which would help reduce the high pollution in Indonesia, especially in urban areas.

The company also took a different approach for battery recharging, and will utilize a battery swapping system, to allow riders a fast swap instead of recharging the battery pack each time. Similar swapping systems are used in Taiwan by Gogoro, in India, where the system was selected for adoption by Hero MotoCorp, and that was not the last cooperation, as we also covered the agreement by Kymco, Super Soco and FELO.

“By switching to the environmentally friendly SMOOT motorcycles which are equipped with the SWAP Battery System, users don’t have to worry about travelling long distances and running out of battery or the unreasonable charging time anymore. Now they can minimize their commuting expenses while at the same time, make a positive contribution to reducing air pollution,”

Irwan Tjahaja, Founder and CEO of PT Smoot Motor Indonesia.

The SMOOT electric scooter is an urban all around vehicle. The motor is a hub 1.5kW of power, and top speed of 60-70km/h. The swappable battery with capacity of 64V 22.5Ah, equal to about 1.44kWh. Equipped with Ban Tubeless tires, Disc brakes for front brakes and rear brakes, the company wishes to make their scooter a desired and smarter option for local riders.

The scooter will come with a “smart” system, which connects the electric scooter for information such as license number, mileage, vehicle condition, battery status, location of motorcycles and anti-theft mechanisms. All information can be accessed through the SWAP App.

With a price tag of 14,900,000 IDR (or around $1039.54 USD), the scooter is now up for a special sale at a discount on the company’s site.

The SWAP Battery System and App also provide users access to hundreds of battery swapping stations (SWAPPoin) that are spread around Jakarta. The battery swap is always fast, all in around nine (9) seconds, and your ride is ready to go. For a market that supports such a vast amount of riders, this will play a critical role.

The swapping technology and operation is through the cooperation with PT Swap Energi Indonesia. The company has been conducting the research and development of the systems for battery swapping and electric motorcycle technology since 2019.

SMOOT smart electric motorcycles are already open for sale on the e-commerce site or through the official website at The starting price for the SMOOT

Smoot Electric scooter

About PT Swap Energi Indonesia

Since 2019, PT Swap Energi Indonesia has been committed to encouraging the use of electric motorcycles in Indonesia as a smart, energy-efficient solution in everyday life. With 20 years of experience in the battery and energy industry, Swap Energy continues to innovate to develop battery technology that uses renewable energy so as to maximize efficiency and performance for its users.

Source: Business Insider, Smoot Motor Indonesia

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