Omega Motors EV200 Goes Official

Omega Motors will offer a custom built electric motorcycles, and specifically The EV200 based on the Honda CB200.

Omega Motors goes official with the custom built EV200 retro electric motorcycle, based on the Honda CB200 frame. The lightweight electric was done with incredible attention to detail, and the final result is spectacular. Combining some old with some new, for an all electric classic.

An aftermarket workshop based out of San Francisco, USA, took on the task of converting a CB200 to an all electric motorcycle. Rebranded as Omega EV200, the sleek looking two-piece body with classical retro design is one of the best conversions we’ve seen.

The aesthetic design, from headlights, through the body work and battery pack, all the way to leather finishes, shape into a great stylish look.

The project by Nick Nieminen, James Hollis and Ian Iott. Nick and James previously worked at the San-Francisco e-bike company Monday Motorbikes, and after leaving, they started playing with the idea of a ‘modern classic’ electric motorcycle.

“We felt like many brands were taking the newfound design freedom of electric drivetrains a bit too far,” says Nick, “making bikes that had lost some of the motorcycle spirit that makes folks get nostalgic.”

We wanted a bike that performs like a modern day electric vehicle, but inspires similar emotions to the motorcycles that we’ve grown to love—rather than a boxy, futuristic aesthetic.”

Nick Nieminen, Omega Motors

The idea became a reality, despite each of the team members being located in another state, and James even moving to Germany. The team worked in short bursts from their workshop, and completed this amazing customized bike, Keeping most of the original CB200 classic was the key, and they completely refurbished the Honda’s front forks, wheels and brakes, staying loyal to the original setup of rear drum brake and cable-actuated front brake.

“Keeping the original switches was actually a major pain in the ass, and a bit of wiring nightmare,”

“But we thought it was an important touch point for this kind of reinvigorated retro vibe.”

Nick Nieminen, Omega Motors

The Omega EV200 carries a 5kW motor, peaking at 10kW, that can push to a top speed of 60 mph (95km/h). The motor is an off the shelf unit, with a final chain drive. Powered by a battery pack of  1.6 kWh, 48V this classic new-age motorcycle has a moderate range of 30 miles – depending on conditions and rider.

Overall it makes a great lightweight spectacle. The EV200 is all about design and looks, and it delivers on every single front. The smart hidden LCD screen tucked beneath the leather beautifully, on a faux gas tank that holds the electronics and charging port.

“The CB200 was always a small bike,” says James, “so the powertrain of the EV200 was intended to match that around-town use case. The battery is as much as you need for an urban bike without weighing it down, and currently it’s geared more for torque than top speed.”

Nick Nieminen, Omega Motors

Every detail, from the seat to the front lights, stuck to the classical looks. Even on the new parts like the electric motor, the battery pack and cable fitting, every touch on this bike looks right for the period. Right enough for it to look like an electric motorcycle that was actually made in the year 1975.

Even without exposing the cost, or what price tag the EV200 will have, Omega Motors can be reached through their website. So if you ever wanted to DIY an electric motorcycle, and actually do it like the pros, Omega Motors could be a great option for you.

Check out the full Gallery:

The details on customization process or the option for kits has yet to be formally announced. You can easily reach out to the team at Omega Motor, with a specific requirement for customizing your own, getting a kit set for your frame, or possibly build your own dream electric bike.

Source: Omega Motors, bikeexif

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