KYMCO Updates The RevoNEX Will Be Manufactured In Italy

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KYMCO RevoNEX high-performance electric motorcycle will be a “Taiwan brand, made in Italy”

The KYMCO online unveiling event revealed strong forward looking into coming years, with their announcing of an electric maxi scooter, the F9, titles a ‘cool electric motorcycle’ as well as mentioning of the RevoNEX high-performance motorcycle.

The RevoNEX was first unveiled at the Milan Motor Show in Italy last year, with expectations of going to production in 2021. After a strong response and high anticipation from fans, it was released that the motorcycle will be a “Taiwan brand, made in Italy” and production will be done, for the first time for KYMCO, in Italy.

Specification and release details were not shared, unlike the F9 that came with the basic spec sheet. When it was initially unveiled it was claimed to have a top speed of 127mph () running a 0-60mph time of 3.9 seconds. The top speed was said to be achieved in only 11.8 seconds from standstill.

“RevoNEX has attracted global attention since its release. We continue to use the latest technology and innovation to create RevoNEX as the new generation electric vehicle that consumers desire most. “

– Chairman, Allen Ko (Translated)


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