Huck Cycles Introduces the Stinger: A Rugged Electric Motorcycle for the Everyday Commuter

The Hand-Crafted Huck Stinger Electric Motorcycle: Made in America, Built for Adventure.

Huck Cycles, a North Carolina-based electric motorcycle manufacturer, is starting production on their latest model, the Huck Stinger. The company has gained a reputation for crafting retro-inspired electric mopeds by hand, utilizing a skilled team of mostly military veterans. The Huck Stinger is set to carry on the legacy of Huck Cycles with its unique blend of vintage style and modern technology.

The Stinger, which will be available in two variants, the standard version and a performance upgrade edition, is designed to be a rugged and versatile two-wheeled vehicle. Both versions come equipped with dual-piston disc brakes and 17-inch wheels, making it a suitable alternative to traditional gas-powered commuters.

Powering the Stinger is an electric motor integrated into the rear wheel, offering 3 kilowatts of nominal power output, or around 4 horsepower. The standard version produces 6 kilowatts of peak power output, while the performance upgrade edition cranks out an impressive 8.5 kilowatts, or 11.4 horsepower.

The Stinger also features a state-of-the-art battery system, with the standard version boasting 6 kWh of total battery capacity and the performance upgrade edition packing in 7.2 kWh. Both versions offer a range of up to 190 kilometers on a single charge.

In terms of design, the Stinger has a distinct neo-retro style that reflects Huck Cycles’ premium pricing. The company assembles all of their two-wheelers by hand, making the Stinger a unique and highly sought-after motorcycle. The performance upgrade edition also comes with additional features such as upgraded suspension, a CAN-BUS LCD display, and an AS-designed BAC4000 controller.

Huck Cycles has already begun production on the Stinger. The first ten units have already been produced, with an estimated delivery date for current orders in February 2023. The Stinger is a hand-built electric motorcycle, made in the USA with a focus on quality and craftsmanship.

Despite its premium price starting at $8,690, the Stinger’s parts are sourced from various locations around the country, from the frames welded down the road from the North Carolina facility to the motor and controller from Linear Labs in Texas, making it a truly American-made product.

Source: Moto-station, RideApart

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