CAKE Bukk unveiled, a new design for trail and track


CAKE Bukk is a performance tack and trail bike, for A2 clasiffication.

CAKE, the Swedish maker of premium lightweight, electric motorcycles unveiled the Bukk new off-road platform, with a first limited edition-50 units, designed for trail and track use. The Bukk performance is equivalent to the A2 classification.

“The Bukk represents the boundary-pushing performance ambition of CAKE products. This is a true next-level, off-road electric platform”,

Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO at CAKE.

“In our drive to promote sustainability, extending life cycles is a key focus enhancing purpose, innovation, performance and physical quality. The learnings from developing race and off-road motorcycles gives us the insight of what true durability really means. A key component that is being implemented in all our products, from basic commuter models to hard core utility vehicles, is stretching life cycles. CAKE’s mission has always been to respect our world and those who live in it while inspiring towards zero emission, where true excitement blends with responsibility. This is what the Bukk is all about.”

The CAKE stand won the Sustainable Exhibitor Award EICMA 2022 (“for its commitment turned to year-to-year reuse of all eco-friendly components and materials and communication of its commitment to sustainable development”) but many spectators gathered to watch more than just the ‘eco-friendly and sustainable’ player in the field.


The announcement of the Bukk platform signals CAKE’s entry to a higher performance class, and serving a wider range of riders looking for more performance or just a higher license class electric motorcycle.

Thanks to the use of super-light aluminium alloys, the Bukk weighs only 85 kg. The new drivetrain developed with a 72V battery and 16kW motor delivers 420Nm of torque and a top speed of +100 km/h, with three RM.

Together with WP and Öhlins suspension, the Bukk offers agility, control and speed on trails and track. The Bukk is available in a limited edition of 50 units, finished in Cake’s Race series yellow color scheme, retailing at 14,970 euros from 


Source: CAKE

One thought on “CAKE Bukk unveiled, a new design for trail and track

  1. why are all the electric dirt bike coming out look like bad late 70’s early 80’s knockoffs? up to this point, The big manufacturers have evolved dirt bikes into pretty capable machines. wheel/tire sizing, fork rake, shock linkage, proper rider position, an option for hand or foot brake, the need for 2 real fenders, a shock mudflap and number plates(people are racing these), these things all matter and are fairly standard. By these e bike manufacturers throwing all that r&d out the window and designing for aesthetics v function, they are producing inferior products. even the ktm freeride is a little funky compared to all their other bikes and talaria/surron need too much upgrading to make the bikes even semi comfortable and capable. the only machines i see that look great are the tiny kids bikes, just upsize those and bring on the healthy competition.

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