Alternet Systems, Inc. (ALYI) Wants Africa To Go Electric, Opening Pre-Orders For Their Retro-Revolt Motorcycle Coming This December

Alternet Systems, Inc. announce plans to open pre-orders in December for the Retro ReVolt clone BMW R71.

Retro ReVolt
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ReVolt BMW R71 Clone Electric Motorcycle

Alternet Systems announced they will open pre-orders for this retro looking BMW clone called ReVolt, based on the R71 model. Not too many details are shared in regards to the motorcycle, nothing on the motor, battery or specifications – Yet. But we will stay tuned to update on these, as we expect to see more details when pre-order will start come December.

Alternet Systems, Inc. (USOTC: ALYI) today announced plans to start taking orders for its Retro ReVolt BMW R71 Clone Electric Motorcycle starting in December. The ReVolt BMW R71 Clone Electric Motorcycle will only be available in North America. It will be available both as a complete unit and as a kit that can be assembled on the buyers own BWM R71 frame.

Alternet Systems, Inc. PRnewswire

The company wants to introduce electric motorcycles to capitalize on lower range vehicle. In an interview on Goldman Research, CEO and owner Randell Torno, described his 10 years of experience in the African markets, and the opportunity in providing affordable transportation systems in an emerging market. What he found in those years of working in Africa, is the great inefficiency of vehicle transportation.

We think we can produce an electric motor bike that can be a delivery bike, awe can produce a small taxi, a three or four wheel taxi that can get some of these inefficient gas burners off the road, and allow people to be much more effective and more efficient and get a lower cost transportation solution.

Randell Torno – Goldman small cap research podcasts

Alternet Systems wants to start production of their electric motorcycle in Kenya, by middle to end of next year, with the target of delivery companies. Attempting to replace urban commuters, and create a product that is cost effective, and can be attractive compared to an ICE motorcycle.

The teaser for this motorcycle only includes an image, and since no details were provided we can only judge what we see. The motor will likely be a hub motor, looking at this configuration it’s pretty clear no belt or chain are in use. Other than that we can talk about style, which it really does have, and it’s based on an awesome model, the BMW R71. Iconic without a doubt.


Via: PRnewswire

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