FTN Motion Secures Their First 100 Streetdog café racer SOLD in New Zealand

FTN Motion’s Streetdog café racer just received the great acceptance of early adopters across New Zealand, with their first 100 models pre-ordered.

The New Zealand based FTN Motion presented their Streetdog café racer earlier this year, and now, the Wellington-based company announced being sold out of its 100 Founder’s Edition Streetdogs, securing deposits from early adopters across Kiwi land.

The company is a fresh start-up, and as such, they managed to entirely sell out of their Streetdog, in less than three months, through word-of-mouth, some appearances locally in New Zealand, social media and great press.

Recently, FTN announced closing their investment round of NZD $500,000, oversubscribes by more than $60K, and have another capital raise planned for October 2021. The Founders Edition Streetdog models are expected to be produced and rolled out by December 2021.

Sinclair says: ‘We didn’t have any money to spend on advertising so we hit the streets and just showed the bike off. It was great to get so much traction without spending any money. People just love the design and there’s nothing out there like it!’.

Luke Sinclair, Co-Founder
FTN Motion Streetdog

The retro looking café racer is a great traditional look, with a huge faux tank, providing the great functionality and usability in the storage space. A 3kW hub motor and comes weighing in only 136 lbs (62kg). This pushes the FTN to a claimed range of 100 km, or 60 miles.

The FTN packs decent speed, but with the limit of 32 mph (50 km/h) making it moped class license, where needed. With a full purchase price of NZ $7,995 (US$5,650) for their founders edition, it will provide a great way to mobilize, and awesome storage space like no other.

Some updates were made on the Founder Edition Streetdogs that will have their bikes come with improved seat comfort and riding position, a redesigned electric system, and a wider tire from a more premium supplier.

One of the main things we have been working on is refining the look of the bike, including improvements on the tank and body and going for an overall more organic feel’.

Kendall Bristow, Co-Founder
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Source: FTN Motion