Yamaha Launches A New Electric Low Cost Scooter In Japan, With Europe Possibly Next

Yamaha e-Vino
electric scooter
Yamaha e-Vino –Image by Yamaha

Yamaha’s official launch details a very lightweight scooter, with very short range.

As Yamaha continues to establish their line of electric products, they launched the e-Vino scooter in Japan, suitable for short ranges, with light weight, and city agility. Despite only being a standard range of only 18 miles (30km) which at first seems unbelievably short to me, but it does have a very appealing starting price of about $2,500. With that type of range, this scooter will be mostly applicable for city rides.

Yamaha motors have so far presented several models, and has made progress in the realms of motor R&D as well as production. The unveiling of this light, small scooter shows an interesting specification that clearly was meant for a short city commuting ride.

With 0.58kW nominal, and 1.2kW peak power motor, a battery of 50V 10Ah which is 0.5kWh and range measuring that kind of took us by surprise. The range reported for the e-Vino is tested at 30km/h, that’s about 18 mph with a 55kg rider, at pretty much perfect slope, temperature and road surface.

The battery recharch time will take about 3-hours on standard plugs, which makes it possible to charge while running errands downtown, and the battery is removable and can be carried around.

The very short range of 18 miles can be ramped up with another battery, getting up to 36 miles (58km), and the scooter itself only weighs 150 lbs (68kg). The Yamaha launch is only for the Japanese market at this stage, and it is unclear whether is will be offered outsides of its borders.

Yamaha e-Vino
Yamaha e-Vino –Image by Yamaha

The balance for this scooter must be the attractive price, sine with the limiting range, and considering all the above specification it offers, the focus on price is one of the e-Vino biggest offering points.

Via: Rideapart, Yamaha

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