The Daymak Combat Ebike: A Two-in-One Solution for Snow and Dirt

Daymak Combat Ebike

Experience year-round adventure with the Daymak Combat Ebike’s snow kit transformation

Daymak Inc. has unveiled the brand-new Combat Ebike, a unique all-terrain dirt bike that can be transformed into a snow bike with a special kit. Founded in 2001 and is based in Toronto, Canada, Daymak focuses on the development and distribution of electric vehicles with a goal of becoming a global leader in this market.

Daymak has a strong presence in the Canadian electric vehicle market, with more than 100,000 vehicles sold, and they have developed a number of innovative designs including the world’s first fully wireless e-bike and Canada’s first solar-powered off-road e-bike.

The Combat Ebike is equipped with a 5000W motor that can reach a peak output of 14,000W (19 HP) and a 4800Wh battery pack, allowing it to reach speeds of up to 44 MPH /70km/h and a range of up to 80 km or 50 miles. The snow kit can be easily installed in about an hour, making the Combat Ebike suitable for all weather conditions.

According to Aldo Baiocchi, President of Daymak, “This is part of the evolution at Daymak, to become a full fledge designer and manufacturer of great products. With over 20 years of experience, we now have the know-how, distribution, marketing, service and parts to completely build and create such an amazing product as the Combat Ebike.”

The Combat Ebike has been extensively tested in the Canadian wilderness over the last three years, and has been designed and tested by Steven Foster in Quebec.

Daymak is offering 100 units as part of the Founders edition, which allows early adopters to select their exclusive edition number and receive additional bonuses. The Founders Edition is available for $13995 USD and expected to be delivered in June 2023. Alternatively, customers can put down a $1000 deposit for the Deluxe version, which will retail for $14999 USD and is expected to be delivered in Q4 2023. Dealer packages are also available.

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Source: Daymak

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