The CAKE Ösa Just went From Minimalistic, To Screaming Awesome, With the Design Kit by Hookie Germany.

CAKE Ösa Hookie

The Graffiti and other colorful schemes stand out, but Hookie CO took it all the way, adding to the body, lights, handlebar and much more.

Hookie CO just outfitted the CAKE Ösa with a full kit, taking it from a minimalistic urban commute, or functional modular motorcycle – right into being the coolest kid on the block. The fresh design offers a kit upgrade that includes a full overhaul of the Ösa, from foot pegs to handlebars. Meet the ANT kit for CAKE Ösa.

If you were already impressed when the CAKE Ösa first started raking awards for the modularity, the simplicity, and above all – the ability to make it your own, by customizing the bike to your needs (mostly on a functional basis of additional seats, baskets etc.). The Hookie ANT kit, is about all aspects of customization, both from a visual and design perspective, as well as from the functional stand point.

The main body of the ANT Kit is made out of 3mm Aluminum. This enables a lot of design opportunities. The kit also adds several options for luggage in the front. The seat seat position also can be shifted swiftly and easily, which is a great addition. The kit will bring on its own LED lights, colors, handlebar grips, and of course – will come with a custom selected color, if that’s what you wish for.

CAKE Ösa Hookie

The ANT kit includes a plate with footrests that also allows for changes in position and the seat of the ANT is almost 1cm lower than stock version. In addition, storage space was made available using a little basket located directly on the battery pack. This basket is perfect for some clothes or boxes, with an included rubber to keep them safely stored in.

Some additional cool features of the ANT Kit by Hookie, include hooks, bodyshell brackets and even vegan Alcantara seat. The ANT kit comes with a price tag of €2400 and ships almost internationally, to most countries in Europe, US and Canada as well as others.

Hookie CO, a German design company based in Dresden, operates worldwide and develops everything in-house, from the product to design. Founded by Nico Müller and Sylvia Müller, the Hookie CO team of 6 personnel have already created several motorcycle kits, redesigned and more. If you are into ICE motorcycles as well – you may want to check those out too.

Overall this does give the minimalistic design of the bike a complete remake, which personally strikes to my taste.

CAKE Ösa Hookie

ANT Moto-Kit includes:
– LED Koso Headlight with ANT Bracket
– ANT Body (custom color available)
– 3x ANT Bodyshell Brackets
– ANT Brackets
– Battery Basket
– Rucksack Hook
– Seat with Vegan Alcantara (more colors available)
– 1 pair FROZEN Grips
– RAPID Indicators
– LED Taillight Unit
– ANT Footpeg Plate
– Hookie Decal Set
(All parts are handmade in Germany with great attention to detail.)

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