Scorpio Electric Singapore and the ‘X electric motorcycle’

Scorpio Electric and the model X ‘electric motorcycle’ – or maxi electric scooter sign a distributer exclusive deal with SMRT.

Singapore based Electric Vehicle brand Scorpio Electric has unveiled the X model prototype a few months back in January. This is meant to be the first of many prototypes that will lead the way for a series production of Singapore’s first fully built electric motorcycle – or maxi electric scooter.

We recently covered the completion of a $6.3m fundraising by Scorpio to develop an electric motorcycle. EuroSports Technologies – a subsidiary of luxury car distributor EuroSports Global – is behind the electric motorcycle brand Scorpio Electric, with aims to begin producing its two-wheelers in Singapore later this year. 

The X’s concept is a good looking maxi-scooter, with clean and aggressive lines design. The rear suspended single swingarm adds to the looks, as well as the front Upside-down fork suspension. The timing for opening pre-orders has yet to be announced, but now announcing a distributer agreement between EuroSports Technologies and Strides Transportation, a subsidiary of public transport operator SMRT, to develop, market and supply smart electric motorcycles.

“The future is electric. We believe we can make a difference by ushering in a new era of cleaner and more efficient way of transportation,”

Melvin Goh, Chief Executive of Scorpio Electric.

The Scorpio X is designed to enhance urban mobility, efficiency and utmost convenience with smart connectivity via a mobile app. The performance target is expected to be more than 100km/h and a range of 200km on a single charge, and the bike will be fully produced in Singapore and (to be) distributed solely by Strides Transportation.

“As the creator of Scorpio Electric, the first Singapore home-grown high performance smart electric motorcycle, we are proud to fly our flag high in the international scene with Strides,”

Melvin Goh, Chief Executive of Scorpio Electric.

Strides Transportation, which provides limousine and premium bus services in Singapore and Myanmar, said it was “committed to the business of developing sustainable urban mobility services“.

Last year, a regulation by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) in Singapore began allowing electric motorcycles with power ratings greater than than 10kW to be ridden on Singapore roads , and motorcycles with a top speed of at least 50kmh allowed on expressways. The LTA numbers show only two electric motorcycles registered in Singapore, out of a total motorcycle population of more than 140,000.

Video By The Straits Times.

Source: Scorpio Electric, Channel News Asia

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