Ryvid Anthem, Light And Affordable, With Special Launch Edition limited to 1000 units

Ryvid Anthem, Aerospace Design, Light weight And Affordable price.

Ryvid, California, US, is a company founded by enthusiasts, engineered by innovators, and designed by aerospace industry gearheads. The company was established on the desire to combine the heart of an EV with the soul of moto. Merging the words Rhythm and Avid to form the name Ryvid.

As more affordable electric motorcycles are hitting the space and becoming the norm for the general public, light weight and performance of these vehicles brings a ton of value for riders. With the increasing adoption of electric vehicles and increasing gas prices, more and more people seek out electric alternatives to their everyday commute.

Ryvid seems to understand this well, as they launch the Ryvid Anthem, a new appearance in the two-wheeler e-mobility space. The Anthem electric “naked” motorcycle comes with loads of patented technology: a lightweight stainless-steel chassis, an Ergonomically Easy adjustable seat ride height and a removable battery pack for simplified charging.

Their Lunch Edition of the Ryvid Anthem, limited to 1,000 units, has been open to orders since August 14th with an accessible price of $7,800 USD. Expected to start deliveries of the Launch Edition as soon as Summer of 2023. The rest of the Anthem production line should start delivery shortly after that, by year end 2023.

Ryvid offers an innovative solution to the adjustable riding position: a seat height that is fully adjustable, with a range from 30 to 34 inches. This proprietary technology allows more confidence for shorter riders to ride with comfort while still catering to a range of rider heights.

The 4.9-inch TFT display screen is designed for maximum clarity and efficiency, accessing key information like speed and state of charge legible at a glance.

The bike is powered by a rear drive assembly with an integrated motor and variable-ratio final drive. The motor assembly position up front, with the rear variable ratio simplifies the design and reduces parts, while the final drive offers either a quicker around-town acceleration or high-speed cruising comfort.

Two of the most important factors in a bike’s handling and development are its weight and center of gravity. Ryvid uses a proprietary stainless-steel chassis weighing as little as 12 pounds(!), bringing total mass closer to that of an e-bicycle than an E-motorcycle. By allocating more weight closer to the ground, the Anthem motorcycle is nimble, easy to manage, and highly-responsive for performance riding.

Ryvid’s battery pack is a removable 4.3kWh battery that can be easily swapped for immediate fill up, or for bringing it indoors for at-home charging.

Source: Ryvid

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