OX Motorcycles Will Move Production From China To Produce In Spain

Ox One electric,
Ox One, 
electric  motorcycle.

After developing the prototypes in China, the Spanish Ox Motorcycles begins production at the QuaZZar technology plant, specialized in electric.

The Spanish OX Motorcycles has been working for about two years of development for the OX One electric motorcycle. So far the prototypes were developed and created with factories in China. Ox now begin serial production of the OX One retro café racer electric motorcycle in the QuaZZar Technology Centre, in Madrid.

In what comes as very good news for the electric mobility and motorcycle industry in Spain in particular. QuaZZar are going to support the growth expected by OX, to deliver as much as 2000 units per year, manufactured locally in the expended facilities of QuaZZar.

The production of the OX One locally will actually allow the company to REDUCE the price of the bike from €5200 to €4100, while maintaining the highest levels of quality, and providing a boost to the motorcycle industry in Spain, as the statement from OX Motorcycles said.

After two years working with factories in China, learning from the number one electric vehicle industry in the world, we have decided to move production to Spain, highlighting national capacities and promoting sustainable industry”, “In addition, we have managed to lower operating costs and provide a closer , local and personalized customer experience . Without a doubt, our customers are the maximum beneficiaries of this decision and this was key to making the decision,” he adds.

Adrián González, CEO – OX Motorcycles

The OX ONE brings a retro classic style with new technologies, a café racer with new age technology. The motorcycle comes with one of two optional motor sizes, 3KW or 5KW, the equivalent of a 50cc and 125cc. With a max speed of 50km/h and 120 km/h respective to motor size, and a claimed range of 60 miles (100km). Pre-sales orders are already open on OX’s Website.

The removeable battery pack (two batteries total, removable) will charge in just 2 hours up to 80% of the battery from a standard socket.

The removeable modules can be easily accessed from the side of the bike, where the casing opens to reveal each of these two modules. Overall the battery pack size is 2.16kWh, or a dual 72V 30Ah pack.

Not only has the OX One become more affordable, but with the objective of increasing this rate of production and reaching 2,000 units per year in order to supply the future expansion of OX to the European market, scheduled for the third quarter of this year.

For OX Motorcycles, technology is part of the standard for increased safety and functionality for the riders. Their “Smartbox” technology is a series of sensors that collects and analyzes data from your riding, the state of the vehicle and its environment at all times. This offers a fall alert system, auto-emergency call, GPS, and full connectivity to the motorcycle.

“Being able to manufacture the OX One in our facilities is an honor, but at the same time it is a great responsibility and a great challenge that we are delighted to take on and we are sure of guaranteeing a good final product,” he says. ” QuaZZar Technologies is currently manufacturing 1,200 units at its Coslada plant and with our recent agreement with OX we have expanded our facilities to 2,000 square meters.”

Miguel Ángel Ferrero, CEO – QuaZZar

Source: Le Repaid De Motards, Marca, Ox Motorcycles

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