A special and personalized edition of Piaggio 1 by designer Feng Chen Wang is out for sale.

  • The customized edition of the Piaggio 1 e-scooter fuses functionality, sustainability and design.
  • The collaboration also has a dedicated helmet and a special collection of streetwear clothing.
  • The special Feng Chen Wang edition  of Piaggio 1 will be available from April at Piaggio dealers.
  • Feng Chen Wang: An avant-garde designer of a new generation of fashion talents. Nominated for the LVMH award in 2016, she has collaborated with iconic brands such as Nike, Converse, UGG, Levi’s.

We covered the unveiling of the Piaggio 1, at the Beijing Motor Show, where three model versions were revealed. The company then turned to make the urban e-scooter stylish and customized, with the help of designer Feng Chen Wang.

From the collaboration between Piaggio and  Feng Chen Wang, an innovative designer on the international scene, a special custom edition of Piaggio 1 is born, Piaggio’s “new proposal for  urban electric mobility”.

The Feng Chen Wang collaboration also gave birth to a specially designed helmet  and a collection of unisex garments for streetwear  which, presented last October at Shanghai Fashion Week.

Piaggio 1 fuses safety, a stylish design, comfort and functionality, with the company focusing on keeping the riding pleasure. All the technology features of modern electric scooters, with the solid design and quality of Piaggio. Fitted with LCD display 5.5-inch screen, full LED lights, and a keyless entry system. Piaggio 1 is also has a large compartment under the saddle, capable of holding a full jet helmet.  

Piaggio 1 is powered by a hub motor: the moped version (Piaggio 1), with a speed limited to 45 km / h, runs a peak power of 1.2 kW, while the scooter version – Piaggio 1 Active, has a 2 kW hub motor unit. In both versions, the battery pack is placed under the saddle, for easy removal and transport for charging.

The battery pack is another element that varies between models, where the Piaggio 1 has a 1.4kWh battery and 35 miles (55km) in range, the Piaggio 1 Active will carry a 2.3kWh pack, enough to last a range of 53 miles (85km).

Piaggio 1: Speed ​​45 km / h, autonomy up to 55 km in ECO *, up to 43 km in SPORT (WMTC cycle).
Piaggio 1 Active: Speed ​​60 km / h, autonomy up to 85 km in ECO *, up to 66 km in SPORT (WMTC cycle). 

The special Feng Chen Wang edition  of Piaggio 1 will be available starting April at Piaggio dealers.

The company has made major achievements over the past years towards electrification of their vehicles, and with announcements of forming a consortium for swappable batteries, in collaboration with Honda, Yamaha and KTM – The Piaggio 1 provided a first glimpse to the battery pack.

Source: Piaggio

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