Origem Brazil Wishes To Lead In EV Adoption with ‘Mobility as a Service’

Origem aim to lead the way in EV Adoption with ‘Mobility as a Service’, and swappable battery network.

Origem, the electric mobility start-up based out of Brasilia, Brazil, wishes to lead the change in mobility across all Latin America. The company wishes to transform mobility by providing fleets to companies using motorcycles in logistics, delivery, security and commercial force operations.

The young company, founded in 2017, has started testing their Mobility as a Service model where the company provides customers with electric motorcycles, and the required infrastructures for their maintenance as well as infrastructure for a charging battery swapping technology.

The motorcycle itself is a retro style, naked electric, with a bulky battery, 40.5Ah 52V, or 2.1kWh battery pack on a steel frame. The motor on the Origem electric motorcycle, is a hub mounted 3kW brushless DC, pushing 182Nm of torque.

The range estimate is up to 70km, and the design of the bikes includes a faux gas tank services the rider as storage, and a bike fully equipped with hydraulic disc brakes front and rear.

With the rental and full service business model, clients will pay a rental fee for their fleet, and in return will get full peace of mind when it comes to any additional costs, even including the electric charge cost of the battery pack. That stands out to be an innovative approach for ‘Mobility as a Service’, but the proof of this concept remains to be seen.

With a business model so different than other manufacturers, Origem plans to provide customers with the motorcycles, the servicing and maintenance (which are extremely low for electric motorcycles) and actual free mileage, by using the swapping battery system, and not even paying for the recharge.

Make as many swaps as you like, at any station on our network, whenever you need to. You don’t pay anything extra for this: when you rent an Origin motorcycle, you can ride as much as you like.


In order to accomplish their goals for a swappable network, there’s a path ahead that will take time. The company currently operates a single charging station, in Brasília, but plans to increase and spread their swapping stations across Brazil, with 12 more locations already in progress and ‘coming soon’.

These are the locations already planned for ‘coming soon’ stations: Vitória, Rio de Janeiro, Recife, Manus, Lajeado, Joinville, Fortaleza, Florianópolis, Goiania, Uberlândia, Curitiba, Blumenau

Origem has been working on technology, products, production capabilities, tools and of course, the business that wishes to place Brazil on the world stage of electric vehicles. With proprietary rights to everything the company designs, this innovative startup wishes to eliminate any fleet’s range anxiety by creating a network of battery swapping stations across Brazil.

Source: Origem, Ride Apart

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