Israeli Blitz Motors completes order of 450 electric delivery scooters to Domino’s Pizza Israel, in a NIS 15.6 million deal (~$4.7M USD)

Blitz Motors

Domino’s Pizza Israel is the first Domino’s Pizza franchisee worldwide with an entire delivery fleet using electric scooters by Blitz Motors.

Blitz Motors, based out of TEL AVIV, Israel, has announced the completion of a deal to fully electrify Domino’s Pizza’s delivery scooter fleet, in Israel. This will make Domino’s Israel the first company in Israel with a 100% electric and green fleet. This deal makes Israel the first country in the world in which Domino’s Pizza operates with a delivery fleet exclusively made up of electric scooters.

Blitz Motors are traded in the Israeli Stock Exchange (TASE: INBR), and focus on developing , designing and manufacturing of environmentally friendly electric scooters. With an offering of the Blitz 3000 and the Blitz 6000 scooters. Both use a BLDC hub motor, 3kW and 6kW respectively, and equal to 125cc and 250cc scooters. All rides are equipped with a BMS (Battery management system) and CBS as standard, and offer a connected App.

Blitz 3000

Motor 3kW, L1e-B: 200KM @45km/h, L3e-A: 120KM @90km/h, Max Load 150KG

Blitz Motors

Blitz 6000

Motor 6kW, Range: 100 km, Max speed: 120km/h, Max Load 150KG

Blitz Motors

The deal, worth a total of NIS 15.6 million, includes the electric scooters and three years of servicing. Blitz will complete the delivery of 130 more scooters to Domino’s Pizza by the end of the first quarter of 2021, in addition to the 320 scooters, which have been purchased in recent years and were delivered by September 30, 2020. The switch to an entire fleet of 450 electric scooters will fully transform Domino’s Pizza delivery fleet.

Domino’s Pizza Israel operates 60 branches with 250 employees and possesses one of the largest fleets of scooters in Israel. “As part of a chain operating throughout the country in the heart of the residential neighborhoods of our customers, environmental and ecological values are close to our heart,” said  . “We are proud to be the first delivery company in Israel managing its entire fleet based on silent and environmentally friendly electric scooters. In addition, renewing the scooters and replacing them is a vital step in protecting the safety of our couriers. We thank Blitz Motors for their fruitful cooperation and believe that together we can make a change in the delivery sector.”

Yossi Elbaz, Domino’s Pizza Israel CEO

“The financial and environmental savings of the move to electric scooters has large significance in the cost of the investment, before even talking about the improved safety characteristics of Blitz Motors’s electric vehicles,”

“The deal with Domino’s Pizza is a significant milestone in our development and we believe the proof of the ability that we have demonstrated will open up opportunities to expand our activities abroad.”

Raphael Moszynski, Blitz Motors founder and CEO.

As part of the deal, Domino’s Pizza has been provided with the latest BLITZ 3000X electric scooter, which is designed for continual travel without the need of being recharged. This is due to swappable batteries that optimize the range  in the electric vehicles. Recharging the battery is carried out by the customers themselves at mobile charging points, which can be placed at every branch, ensuring speedy full charging in less than two hours.  

And nice facts for the environment: With this move of its fleet to electric scooters, Domino’s Pizza Israel is saving 702 tonnes of COper year, which is equivalent to 29,250 trees per year!

Source: BlitzMotors, PRNewswire

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