Curtiss released trailer videos, reminding us of the great piece of art, that is the Curtiss One.

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Curtiss released trailer videos, reminding us of the great piece of art, that is the Curtiss One.

Curtiss Motorcycles, the Louisiana based motorcycle veterans, release video trailer on the platform and the Curtiss One, a real piece of art in motion. The motorcycle that really bring romance back to riders with beautiful custom bikes. The Curtiss Platform is designed for a better way to produce desirable electric bikes.

The video teaser includes one promotional video, which we gathered into the highlights. The rest of it was mainly Matt Chambers, Founder and CEO, telling the audience more about the bike and its ride experience.

Now, we have covered the Curtiss one before, and there is not much new that is being released other than the possibility in using the assembly line Platform for other models to follow.

“It’s so easy to ride it’s so lovely and so light so delicate you can put put the motorcycle where ever you want today and you can do it naturally intuitively and all the noise of the vibration and actual noise of the engine and all the heat that’s all gone.”

Matt Chambers – Founder and CEO, Curtiss Motorcycles

The build allowed the company to create a modular platform that can accommodate further models creation with the same baseline structures. The modularity of parts and the overall assembly method create a “Platform” for utilization, that Curtiss can put to work in creating more models.

On their website, Curtiss offer a fully customizable motorcycle, with everything from Color schemes of the body, pinstriping, battery pack, panels, seat and even Rims and Fork angle can be selected. This makes each of the bikes really unique to its owner.

“We have the one. The ultimate launch vehicle and we do have a portfolio follow along, all running, modular, proven, superior in every way technology…”

“…the one is not a motorcycle. It’s an architectural platform for the future of Curtiss motorcycles for as far as the eye can see..”

Matt Chambers – Founder and CEO, Curtiss Motorcycles

One of the interesting aspects of the Curtiss is its balance, which comes from the perfect symmetry of the bike. This gives it more stability than other motorcycles, but considering overall ICE are less stable simply for having more moving parts, that’s an advantage that any electric motorcycle will have.

“There is one big fact about this bike is the most important and that is that is dead centered. It’s symmetrical. And it changes everything.

This Curtis one and all of the Curtiss motorcycles which we’ll module only use the platform architecture of the one, and will have the most perfect state of balance any rider has ever felt on 2 wheels.”

Matt Chambers – Founder and CEO, Curtiss Motorcycles

Although the Curtiss One comes with detailed parts selection and high quality material use, the bike also comes with a price tag that can deter some riders. One of the major setbacks with Curtiss motorcycles has always been, the price. With a pre-order deposit of $30,000 – it comes in at a whopping +$115,000 USD. So, if you want to own a piece of art on two wheels, the Curtiss could very well be the One for you.

Source: Curtiss YT

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